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Melissa Threadgould

Image of Gary Raglin In loving memory of Gary Raglin

I designated Touching Souls as a charity for which I would like donations
made in my father, Gary Raglin's honor.  Although I cannot say my dad's death
was unexpected due to the decline his body went through over the last 20
years, especially the last 9 years, death of a loved one is never easy.

I hope some families in our community can benefit from these donations.
Anything that can be done to help ease the loss, whether financial and/or
emotional pain, the better.


Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston, with husband William T. Johnston, at one of their favorite places in PA.

I made a donation to your organization in my husband's name, William T. Johnston. Bill passed away of a brain tumor on May 8, 2011 after a seven year battle. Even though he could not continue to teach sixth grade at Charlotte Middle School, he tutored students who had special needs and were suspended from regular school attendance. When the tumor returned in Feb. of 2010, he was unable to keep tutoring. During the year plus prior to his passing there was nothing that I would not do to ease his suffering. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet all his needs without a financial burden. I can not imagine not being able to attend to a loved ones needs or wants due to not having enough money. Please use this money to ease a families anxiety and bring peace to those who are suffering. Thank you for this opportunity to share with others.

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